Are your Pay Per Click (PPC) costs to high? Are you having a hard time making pay per click advertising work for your business? There are a number of strategies you can employ to reduce your cost per click amounts and thus reduce your overall PPC costs. By implementing the strategies presented below, you can typically lower your pay per click costs by anywhere from 33% to 75% as well as increase your click through rates (CTR)!

Key 1: Relevance

Your bid price within AdWords is not simply just based upon the keyword you are bidding on. Google also looks at the relevance of your ad and your landing page in relation to the keyword to determine how much you will have to pay to advertise on that given keyword. In other words, if you are bidding on a given keyword and your ad also references that keyword and your landing page is also related to that keyword then Google is going to discount your bid price because it knows you ad is extremely relevant to your keyword.

Take advantage of this by creating a separate Ad Group for every keyword you are bidding on. While this can be time consuming most PPC Management Companies have proprietary tools to assist them with this.

Key 2: Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who click on your ad after it has been shown to them.  Google has determined that the CTR is a key factor in how relevant you ad is to the searcher, so if you get a high click through rate then your AdWords ad cost will go down by as much as 90%!

Key 3. Split Testing

One of the best ways to increase your CTR is to test different ads by split testing. Split testing is where you always have 2 ads running, one the control, and the second an attempt to beat the control… and you declare a new control as soon as sufficient clicks have been collected (according to the chi-squared formula) to prove one ad superior to the other.

Now this can be time-consuming, of course. And this is why the smartest advertisers often choose to outsource this laborious effort to a company that offers Pay Per Click Services.

Key 4. Proper Keyword Selection

Do you know what keywords your top 5 competitors are bidding on? Professionals have access to tools that can give you this kind of information and this information can be priceless.

Most successful advertisers bid on hundreds if not thousands of keywords. By only bidding on the most obvious 10-20 keywords, you are missing some of the best traffic in your market!

Also, be sure to bid on all 3 match types (broad, phrase, exact) for every keyword, as they often produce vast differences in CTR and ROI (return on investment).

Key 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You may have thought that by using PPC you wouldn’t have to worry about SEO, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Combining good quality on-page SEO with AdWords will GRAETLY decrease your costs.

Proper SEO is a subject in and of itself. In relation to PPC, you simply need to ensure that your Title, Meta (keywords, description), and H1 tags are optimized for you keyword.

This also implies that you should have a separate landing page for every keyword. While that is optimal, it is simply not practical when you may have thousands of keywords you are bidding on. However, it is worthwhile to group your keywords into a few themes and build separate landing pages around those themes.

Wired Web Marketing is one of the few companies to offer SEO Services and Pay Per Click Services together, by doing this we ensure the lowest possible advertising costs for our clients.