You have a solid grasp of offline marketing in the real world, or perhaps have someone on staff that has taken care of your advertising for years. Why would you need to hire an IM consultant to tell you what you already know?

This is the attitude held by many local businessmen who feel the knowledge they have accumulated over the years of owning their business should be more than enough to get an online marketing campaign going. The problem with this logic is that online and offline advertising are two very different things.

The skills and knowledge bases that allow you to design effective billboard campaigns or local freebie giveaways won’t take you very far when it comes to internet marketing. This is why smart local businessmen are putting their egos aside, saving their offline marketing knowledge for their offline campaigns, and hiring professional internet marketing consultants to take care of the rest.

Establishing Your Internet Presence

You may be able to set up a decent website for yourself, but how will you ensure that other people within your target market are going to find you? Chances are very high that the majority of the people you set out to reach with that website will never know that you exist.

Becoming recognized and visible online is very different from the real world. Customers can’t walk down the street and see that you are there. They have to search for keywords using the search engines trying to find information, products, and services which interest them.

If you aren’t using those same keywords on your website, then you aren’t going to be found by these people who typically click on links from the first few pages of the search results delivered to them!

An internet marketing consultant will make sure that your website is found by those within your target market. They will do this by implementing sound SEO marketing strategies, both on your website and elsewhere on the internet.

White vs. Black Hat

There is a lot more involved with internet marketing, but it gets rather complicated. If you try to do it on your own without understanding all of the rules, you may make a mistake that costs you the reputation of your business online.

There are legitimate internet marketing strategies that are acceptable to the biggest search engines and handsomely rewarded with higher rankings (white hat) and then there are strategies which could get your site banned by Google and other search engines so no searchers ever know you exist (black hat).

Many local business owners will use black hat SEO methods without ever realizing it and the consequences can be unexpected and expensive. An experienced IM consultant will give you all of the information needed on what is permitted by Google and what could put your website in danger.

Establishing Your Expertise

Internet marketing is extremely competitive in every field today. In order to grab your share of the market and entice consumers to go with you rather than your local competition and websites offering the same services or products, you will need to establish your expertise through article campaigns, blogging, and other ventures.

The list of internet marketing strategies that can be used to get your local business noticed and increase your sales are almost endless. Without an experienced internet marketing consultant on your side you can’t expect to design campaigns that really work in your favor.

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